A sex themed crazy golf course has just opened in Derby

If you’ve ever had a game of crazy golf and thought “y’know what would make this so much better?! instead of trying to hit my ball through a mini windmill, wouldn’t it be so hilarious if I had to hit it through a sea of rubber dongs”. Said no one ever! 

[Image: 2n9nc] 

The House Of Holes opened last week in Derby of all places and judging from the pics, it’s the tackiest, cheesiest, low-budget heap of shit I’ve ever seen. Obviously it’s for over 18s because of all the sex paraphernalia but the way they’ve done it is more Blackpool pleasure beach than Amsterdam. Whoever came up with the idea clearly thought that just throwing a bunch of blow-up dolls and dildos together, would be a sure fire way to make money. It’s like they’ve gone to the bargain bin of their local sex shop and picked up all the tat nobody wanted. 

[Image: 2n9nd]
A round of golf will set you back £10. Here's what owner Daniel Doctzan had this to say about his new business venture:

It’s an 18-plus venue. We have quite a lot of explicit things around. But the point is that we want to let the adults relax and play golf.
When you are playing crazy golf with children around, you can’t be the kid you are.
Everyone has a kid inside them and they like to express that sometimes.

[Image: 2n9ne]
I might be overly harsh here but I’m pretty sure the old way of playing crazy was just fine. If it ain’t broke and all that.

Come and play with us...
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