Futurologist predicts that robots 'will be commonplace in homes by 2050'

A Futurologist has predicted that by the year 2050, robots will be a commonplace in most households. Dr Ian Pearson of the British Computer Society and the Royal Society of Arts and Commerce, predicts that people will also have ‘customisable’ home decor - which they can change with the flick of a switch. So kinda like the way Sharon Stone paints her nails in Total Recall. 

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Apparently by the 2050, robots won’t just be a normal part of our everyday lives, but they will also have ‘android rights' and get paid. Dr Pearson has looked into the future of robots and predicts that most Brits will have robots cooking and cleaning for them in 30 years time, with ‘billions' more robots worldwide. He also says there will be 'rights' in place which basically means you have to treat your robot with respect.

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Dr Pearson also believes that, as AI develops, robots will become commonplace in our homes and that central heating will become a thing of the past. He reckons "smart heating" will take over in which “infrared beams" are directed at us which will adjust body our temperature. 

If you’re thinking all this sounds utterly bonkers, you’d be right, but you may want to listen to this dude as he’s the one who predicted the invention of the text message. He also reckons that by 2075, we won't even need to clean anymore, as electro-active polymer fabrics will be invented which 'vibrate to shake dirt loose'. The dirt will then be hoovered up by robot drones. Now that sounds right up my street!

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Dr Pearson also predicts that in just under 60 years time, 3D printers will be able to make food, so no more long queues at Aldi. Here’s what Dr Pearson had to say about other future predictions: 

Technology has come on leaps and bounds in the past few years alone and in only 10 years time we can expect our homes to have been completely transformed by technology. I can guarantee that our household appliances will not be as we know them today. 
By 2030 most appliances will be networked, so today’s latest smart features like being able to see what’s in your fridge from the office will be commonplace. Ovens and microwaves will talk to food packaging to get cooking instructions, as well as displaying augmented reality cooking guides for humans.
Huge wafer-thin, high-res displays that can be viewed from any angle will occupy large areas of wall space, and often substitute for windows and paintings

He added: 

It’s such an exciting era that we are heading into and I’m looking forward to seeing what companies, such as AO.com, develop in their product range.

He also predicts that gamers will be able to wear an ‘active skin' which will create 'full sensory virtual reality' when gaming. Yeah ok, by “gaming”, you really mean porn, let’s be honest here. Either way, it’s a pretty exciting future ahead. If I can have a robot giving me a quick finger-blast and then making me a cheese toastie, I'm all for it!

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