Mindy Kaling & Emma Thomspson try to make late night TV less white in new movie 'Late Night'

Most people know Mindy Kaling as kelly Kapoor from The Office but she's also an incredible writer and director who's upcoming new movie Late Night is really causing a buzz.

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The movie stars Kaling as Molly Patel, who joins the writing staff of a popular late night talk show. As with most of entertainment industry, the writing staff is made up of white men, making Molly’s hiring as a woman of colour pretty notable. The host of the show, Katherine Newbury (played by Emma Thompson) is at risk of losing her job, so it’s up to Molly to help her change things up in order to bring in the ratings. Check out the trailer:

Even though Kaling has directed other projects, she roped in Nisha Ganatra for this film, who is known for the tv show Transparent. Late Night first premiered at Sundance Film Festival in Jan and went on to spark a bidding war, which was eventually won by Amazon Prime who bought the rights for £8 million. When asked about the movie, Mindy says that although the film is a work of fiction, she does draw inspiration from her own experiences as a write in a predominantly white male industry. She says:

Quote:Obviously I’m making a comedy movie, so things are exaggerated for comic effect, but similar things have happened to me in my career. It’s not so much that the people in the film that I portray are bigoted. They’ve just been sheltered by the status quo. And every one of these people in the movie change. They’re not evil. They evolve.

Gotta love Mindy! I'll definitely be watching this when it hits Amazon Prime on 7th June 2019.

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