Self proclaimed 'modern day Jesus' wants to go international with his 'super sperm'

I get that there’s a huge demand for sperm donors but I just find the guys who donate jizz massively creepy. Especially because dudes don’t get paid to donate sperm in the UK so they’re only doing it for fun and the knowledge that their seed I populating the world.  One dude who is high up on creepy scale is Kyle Gordy, who calls himself the ‘modern day Jesus’ and claims to have ‘super sperm.’

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The 27-year-old began offering his spunk in 2014 and has since sired 18 kids and has 7 more on the way. Apparently he’s impregnated women all over America aged between 18-42 but now wants to go international. It all started when Kyle discovered his sperm was special and started advertising it on Craigslist. Within 2 weeks, he’d received his first call and he made his first deposit via artificial insemination. Kyle says: 

I was going to apply to a sperm bank, but the whole thing just felt so cold and clinical. My sperm is much better than what is in a sperm bank, as it’s strong and fresh during the donation, while I also do it all for free

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When asked why Kyle reckons his sperm is so magnificent, he claims it’s because it’s fuelled by organic food and 18 herbs and supplements a day. He also doesn’t smoke or drink and has never used drugs. Jeez. Sounds like a boring life. He says: 

I need to keep myself healthy, so I have the best sperm.
I have no idea why a woman would want to use a sperm bank when she could just use me.
The specimens at a bank could be sitting there for years. You don’t really know what you’re getting. 

People have called me a modern-day Jesus, and I have to agree with that.I’m very generous and giving — and the fact that I’m Jewish while Jesus was also Jewish.

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So he’s not only boring but arrogant as well. What a winning combination. Although Kyle most offers up god load via artificial insemination, he sometimes gets lucky and gets some fanny out of it.  

Some women don’t want to do artificial insemination as they don’t want to waste time and they feel it will be most effective if we do it the old-fashioned way
They will ask if we can just have sex, and I’ll tell them I’m up for it and we exchange STD tests … Obviously, I’m a guy, so it is fun to do it that way if we both like each other

There’s you have it ladies, form an orderly queue if you fancy getting knocked up by this modern day Jesus.

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