Woman posts clip of herself licking an airplane toilet seat

A sex worker (her words) who goes by the name of ‘Grimy; keep your blood moving’ on Twitter, has just performed a stunt that will make most normal people retch. During a recent flight she thought it would be fun to film herself lick the toilet seat. 

[Image: 2n9n5] 

I have no idea what possessed her to do it but all I can think about is the amount of germs and shit flakes are on that thing. Weirdly though, she does kinda make it look hot. Check out the clip:

After the clip went viral, Grimy received a lot of messages from people who were pretty disgusted with her actions but she wasn’t fazed in the slightest. Even Twitter censored her:

[Image: 2n9n6] 

I wonder what else she does for likes?! I might have to start following her. Y’know, for research purposes only!

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