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World's hottest grandma spills the tea about her meeting with Prince Charles

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Gina Stewart, the 52-year-old Playboy model known as the "world's hottest gran," recently shared a special childhood memory about meeting Prince Charles and Princess Diana. In April 1981, the royal couple visited Pakuranga, New Zealand, and Gina, then just 11 years old, had the chance to meet them.

Gina Stewart hottest granny

Speaking to the Daily Star ahead of King Charles' coronation, Gina recalled the day vividly, saying "I was so nervous I thought my heart was going to stop shaking their hands." She went on to describe the royals as "fun, friendly, happy and relaxed" and said they took an interest in all the children who were there to greet them. The moment that really stood out for Gina was when Prince Charles rode her friend's BMX bike around the oval where they were gathered. She said:

Charles actually came across as very cool because no one was expecting him to ride my classmates’ BMX. He asked politely if he could ride it and took the bike and rode it down the oval.’

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Gina earned her title of ‘world’s hottest gran’ thanks to her curvy figure, youthful beauty and big tits. Another hot granny is fitness model Carrie Hilton. Gina also fondly remembered Princess Diana as being "childlike, having fun" and "in her element" around the kids.

We all thought she was just so beautiful and we wanted to be a princess just like her when we grew up.’

While Gina's encounter with Prince Charles left a lasting impression on her, it was later revealed that the prince had a difficult time during his tour of New Zealand and Australia. In a handwritten note to a friend, he expressed frustration with the constant questions from children, saying:

If one more NZ child asks me what it’s like to be a prince I shall go demented.

Despite this, Gina said she has only positive feelings about the future king and wishes him a happy and joyous reign ahead of his coronation. Celebrate the coronation by calling a sexy Rampant TV cam girl for XXX nude fun and VIP naughtiness.          

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