Cookie Policy

We use cookies on our site for a number of purposes. They help us to provide you with a good experience. By using our site, you agree to our use of cookies

A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers that we store in your browser, or the hard drive of your computer. Cookies contain a small amount of information that is accessible by our website. Storing cookies, does not allow us to access any other data on your device.

We use the following types of cookies:

  • Strictly necessary cookies - These are required for the operation of the site. They include, for example, cookies that identify your account, allowing you to topup and make calls.
  • Analytical cookies - More information about these are available in our Privacy Policy
  • Functionality cookies - These are used so our site can recognize you. For example, to keep you logged in when returning to our site.

Specific cookies that we use

First-party ( cookies
  • Session ID - this cookie identifies your currently active session, and personalizes the site for your account.
  • Server ID - this cookie is used by our servers to monitor performance and reliability.
  • Channel - this cookie identifies the channel that you are currently viewing, so that any calls/transactions that you make are routed to the correct channel
  • Firecall data - these cookies hold data about your account, to enable calling and topups.
  • Country - this is used to provide you with the correct currency, and phone numbers to call.
Third-party cookies
  • Google Analytics - we use Google Analytics to collect data about site usage. This cookie does not contain personally identifiable information. You can view google's privacy policy here